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Working Changelog - Week of June 22, 2020

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Pending Maintenance, regularly scheduled on Thursday.

Some of these updates will not require a server restart, so please follow the color guide to see if something has been implemented prior to a server restart. 

Color Guide:


Server Update:

  • We will be adding two new proxies (Singapore & Frankfurt).  This proxy service differs from the ones we used in the past, and guarantees more stability for our international players.  I'm doing everything in my power to ensure that we have the best connection for all of our players, but it's extremely difficult given that we have so many players from every inch of the world.  With that said, I've heard a lot of players have had success with a program called WTFAST.  

Client Update:

  • I've been working with Functor to get an update to our client that prevents the random crashing during WoE with large groups of people. The patch has been successfully implemented, however some firewalls are blocking the files from being patched in and is then causing an error upon logging in.  If you have encountered this issue, please download the latest Lite Client download on the Downloads page of our website and overwrite the files in your eRO Folder.  This should fix the issue. 

Trial Events: 

This week we will have a few people trying their hand at holding events.  You can find the event schedule for this week here: 


All events are held in server time!  Be sure to log in to have some fun!

Hourly Rewards:

We're going to be introducing Hourly Rewards for those who stay logged in for a continuous amount of time.  This won't be in the form of points or reward redemption, but passive bonus'.  The bonus' players will receive will be in the form of an EXP Boost, Drop Rate Boost (Bubblegum Effect) and Increased Battleground Badges (Yes, this includes in Happy Hour too!)

  • After 15 minutes players will begin accumulating Hourly Reward time and every 10 minutes thereafter their rewards will go up reaching a maximum of 3 hours for non-VIP and 4 hours for VIP members. 
  • The maximum for each bonus are as follows:
    • Exp Bonus:
      • Non-VIP 20% 
      • VIP 30%
    • Happy Hour Badge Boost
      • Non-VIP: 15%
      • VIP: 20%
    • Bubblegum Effect:
      • Non-VIP: 10%
      • VIP: 13%
  • You will be able to switch characters without being penalized time, these bonus' are account bound
  • If you log off, after 1 hour of being logged off your bonus' will begin to depreciate. 
  • Once you're offline for 3 hours, your bonus' will be back to 0 and you will need to start again.
  • Icons (Similar to the EXP Boost icons) will display your "Hourly Bonus" and update as your bonus' are met. 

Item Update:

  • Red Butterfly Wings Rework:
    • Critical Damage +15%
    • Crit Rate +10
    • +1 Crit Rate per 10 LUK
    • +1 Crit Damage % per 7 LUK
    • 200% damage to Blitz Beat
    • 10% Sharp Shoot damage
  • General Egnigem Cenia Card restored to old essenceRO stats.
    • HP bonus 15%
    • If refine rate +7 or higher: 20% HP Bonus instead of 15%
    • SP Bonus 10%
    • HP Regen 500 per 5 seconds.
    • SP Regen 50 per 5 seconds.
    • MVP Point: 1
  • Dead Branch
    • Hardrock Mammoth removed from dead branch.
    • Tendrillion removed from dead branch.

Minigame Updates:

Skill Updates:

Despite having Gepard, it still doesn't prevent everything.  In order to counter-act 3rd party programs that can bypass Gepard shield for Nodelay, we're adding a slight delay to a few skills.  These delays should not effect normal game-play for players not abusing illegal programs.   We will revisit the delays in the coming week. 

  • Land Protector - 400MS (.4 second) irreducible delay added
  • Kaite - 400MS (.4 second) irreducible delay added
  • Ganbantain - 400MS (.4 second) irreducible delay added
  • Kaupe - 400MS (.4 second) irreducible delay added
  • Dispel - 400MS (.4 second) irreducible delay added

NPC Updates: 

  • Event Token shop has been added to the Essence Kafra
  • PvP Warpers have been added to every town

Misc Updates:

  • 5PM Happy Hour is being moved 9PM Server Time.  11PM Server Time will stay as-is. 
  • The Bombring Mini-Game is moving to a new time - Instead of being on the 45 minute mark, it will be moving to the 20 minute mark. 


Item Descriptions:

  • Eddga Card item description reflects eRO custom effect.
  • Mistress Card item description states that it will not stack with VIP membership effect.
  • Golden Thiefbug item description updated to reflect 90% nullification in GVG/PVP but 100% everywhere else.

New Abra Rates:

  • 3.41%    Atroce
  • 3.41%    Dark Lord
  • 3.41%    Detale
  • 3.41%    Drake
  • 3.41%    Eddga
  • 3.41%    Evil Snake Lord
  • 3.41%    Garm
  • 3.41%    Ktullnuax
  • 3.41%    Maya
  • 3.41%    Osiris
  • 3.41%    Pharaoh
  • 3.41%    Phreeoni
  • 2.56%    Cthulhu
  • 2.56%    Dracula
  • 2.56%    Ifrit
  • 2.56%    Mistress
  • 2.56%    Moonlight Flower
  • 2.56%    Orc Lord
  • 2.56%    Vesper
  • 2.56%    Ygnizem
  • 2.13%    Stormy Knight
  • 1.71%    Bacsojin
  • 1.71%    Baphomet
  • 1.71%    Entweihen Crothen
  • 1.71%    Gloom Under Night
  • 1.71%    Kiel D-01
  • 1.71%    Lady Tanee
  • 1.71%    Orc Hero
  • 1.71%    RSX 0806
  • 1.71%    Werewolf
  • 1.28%    Dragon Lord
  • 1.28%    High Priest Magaleta
  • 1.28%    High Wizard Katrinn
  • 1.28%    Lord Knight Seyren
  • 1.28%    Naght Sieger
  • 1.28%    Nidhoggr
  • 1.28%    Sniper Shecil
  • 1.28%    Valkyrie Randgris
  • 1.28%    Wounded Morroc
  • 1.07%    Assassin Cross Eremes
  • 1.07%    Beelzebub
  • 1.07%    Doppelganger
  • 1.07%    Lord of the Dead
  • 1.07%    Turtle General
  • 1.07%    Whitesmith Harword
  • 0.53%    Fallen Bishop
  • 0.53%    Golden Thief Bug
  • 0.53%    Incantation Samuari
  • 0.53%    Tao Gunka
  • 0.53%    Thanatos
  • 0.53%    Zmey Gorynych

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