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Scavenger Hunt Event - 6/21

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Welcome to my Scavenger Hunt event!
You'll be given a list of clues that refer to specific items - each item is either purchasable or has a drop rate of 50%+ from mobs.
You only need ONE of each item.

Once you've collected the full set of items, their names will provide a clue to the map where I will be camped out - be one of the first five people to trade me the requisite items for a shiny Event Token!



This shield is fantastic if you get hit by anything but a neutral attack! Too bad it's for babies.
Grandma's making pesto - steal her grinding tool!
A small piece of a 1982 Jim Henson film. 
It looks like a branch and is named like an instrument, but it's neither of those things.
A smart choice to help keep dress shirts tidy.
Want a mask? Collect one thousand minus one of these.
You may be able to get the two slotted version of this weapon from a bull-headed monster, but I only want the single slotted version.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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Congrats to our winners and thanks to the participants!


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