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Working Changelog -- Initiated March 26, 2020

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Color Guide:


Client Updates:

  • Fixed Pre-Renewal item descriptions
  • Added "Seige Flag" costume item (ItemID: 45653)

NPC Updates

  • Added Rental Gear NPC to Draft WoE - Full List coming soon - Check back later
  • Party Warper now uses a (very) limited whitelist.  Additional maps may be requested
  • World Boss Token Shop merged with the Minigame Token Shop
  • World Boss Token exchanger added for remaining world boss tokens in-game
  • MvP Rewards Added to @market 

Misc Updates: 

  • Adjusted @autopot
    • Cheap BG consumables are now limited to BG mapflags and the Draft WoE castle
    • Using any normal consumable now puts your autopot on cooldown for the item usage duration
    • Now only uses either one HP or SP pot per iteration, set the pirority for HP/SP with the command @autopot priority <hp|sp> or check the updated tooltip
  • Pets are now stored upon entering PVP, BG or WoE maps
  • Guardian Stone and Barricade HP increased to 600k

Item Updates: 

  • Fixed an issue where regular Bio3 mob cards had MvP Points
  • Katar of Speed given 2 Slots
  • Box of Thunders last 3 seconds and use the same script as Speed Potions
  • Added Barricade and Guardian Stone repair kits to the BG consumables list
  • Removed effects from all renewal items. 

Mob Updates:

  • Removed the ability for mobs to Level Up 
  • World Boss rewards changed to Minigame Tokens
  • Removed Agi Up from a number of low/mid/high tier MVP's to enable more classes to compete

Skill Updates:

  • Fixed Pressure to deal 500+300*skll_lv damage
  • Reduced Shield Boomerang to its default modifier
  • Fixed incorrect refining bonus for Shield Chain & Shield Boomerang (buff)
  • Fixed an issue with Meteor Storm spawning more than 7 meteors
  • Disabled Eske on players

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