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Working Changelog -- Week of March 23, 2020

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Hi Friends -- I'm severely ADD and I feel like a lot small changes are being missed in the changelogs.  So from now I'm going to be writing working changelogs, so as I adjust things you'll be able to see what's coming in the next patch / maintenance changes.   Once we do a maintenance that requires a shut down I'll re-post this in the changelogs. 

Color Guide:


Client Updates:

  • jRO Ranger Costume Bug Fixed
  • Costume Rune Knight & JRO Sprites Fixed
  • Missing Palette Colors for jRO Royal Guard, jRO Rune Knight & jRO Guillotine Cross
  • Stall of Angel Sprite Added

Misc. Updates:

  • Increased Homun Max Level to 170
  • You can no longer @go from the PVP room
  • You can no longer use @load in the PVP Room
  • Enabled DB / Abra on most field maps. View More Info Here
  • Increased DM pvP Warp-out time to 10 seconds
  • Disabled @home, @oldpayon, @arena, @market/@marketplace, and @joinsa from warping you out of DM PvP
  • Added @leave and @invite for duel commands

Mob Updates:

  • GTB Increased Coodown timer to 3 hours + / - 20 minutes
  • GTB is now 23.2109% more difficult (yes, it's true)
  • Added Wakizashi to ama_fild01 
  • Increased Spawn of Pandarings in ama_fild01 from 20 to 40
  • Removed No-Teleport Mapflag from kh_dun01

Item Updates:

  • Fluorescent Liquid drop rate reduced from Aqua Elements
  • Bradium Ring drops from Bradium Golems
  • Hode drops Hode Hat
  • Budget Bubble Gum now gives +50% Drop Rate instead of 100%
  • Increase drop rate of Wizardry Staff from Elder to 5%
  • Will of Red Darkness added to Gloom Under Night at 100%
  • Mob Hat Drops Updated -- > View Link Here 
  • Costume Trunk will begin to charge 1,000,000z per Headgear Conversion for non-VIP members. (Changing existing headgears into costumes)
  • Bonus Stat foods persist through death
  • Ifrit Fire Armor drop rate increased to 52.5%
  • Disabled Ultimate Flywing in DM PvP
  • Tatacho Card changed from 20% neutral resist to 20% resist to neutral enemies

NPC Changes:

  • Dress Room to give Costume Ticket back when "Restoring" costume
  • Removed Valentina (Valentine's Day Quests)
  • Removed St. Patrick's Day events

Skill Changes:

  • 667ms cooldown added to Pressure
  • 667ms cooldown added to Body Relocate
  • Fixed Extended Baby Class skill trees
  • 400ms Cooldown added to devotion
  • 800ms cooldown added to dispel
  • Removed aftercast delay on dispel
  • Adjusted Assumptio def bonus to normal forumla
  • Skin Tempering changed to 1*skill_lv neutral resist and 15*skill_lv fire resist. (5% neutral def & 75% fire def at max level)
  • Aftercast delay on Cart Termination reduced from 200ms to 133ms
  • Enabled Body Relocation in Battlegrounds
  • Beast Strafing STR modifier reduced from 8 to 6. Formula is (100-50=6*STR)%*2 hits
  • Falcon Assault range increased to 14
  • Sharpshoot range increased to 11



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wow this was only yesterday and my luck, I've only started hunting fluorescent liquid today. was wondering why 50% drop rates was not giving me anything. :((((((((



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Gloom currently has no drops, killed him twice and only got the inception box

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10 hours ago, Rapanbunny said:

Gloom currently has no drops, killed him twice and only got the inception box

This is intentional.  We're working our way to edit every MVP -- And those who haven't been reworked don't drop their drops even if @mi states it.  There's a list of who drops their loot here: https://wiki.essencero.net/index.php/MVPs

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