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Phuc H Duong

MVP & Abra, Alpha Release

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The Following MVPs are released during the alpha grand opening.

Like eRO tradition, they have been buffed. They are strong, with millions of HP.

Any MVP NOT on this list will NOT drop loot. You can still kill them for EXP and the "MVP" bonus loot.

The overall chance of getting class change from a ???? in abra is 830% higher on Essence than in iRO, for level 10 abra only. Anything less than level 10 abra will yeild iRO rates.

MVP Abra %
Atroce 4.48%
Bacsojin 3.36%
Baphomet 3.36%
Dark Lord 4.48%
Detale 4.48%
Dragon Lord 1.12%
Doppelganger 4.48%
Dracula 2.24%
Drake 4.48%
Eddga 4.48%
Evil Snake Lord 4.48%
Fallen Bishop 0.56%
Garm 3.36%
Golden Thief Bug 0.28%
Lord Knight Seyren 0.56%
Maya 3.36%
Mistress 3.36%
Moonlight Flower 4.48%
Orc Hero 3.36%
Orc Lord 4.48%
Osiris 4.48%
Pharaoh 4.48%
Phreeoni 4.48%
RSX 0806 2.80%
Incantation Samuari 3.36%
Stormy Knight 3.36%
Turtle General 2.80%
Valkyrie Randgris 1.68%
Werewolf 2.80%
Ygnizem 4.48%



MvPs have had their loot buffed as well. Remember to use '@mi <monster id/monstername>' in game to find out the loot.

The person that gets the "MVP" (highest damage to the mvp) from an MVP will have a chance to receive an Inception Box.



Known BUGS

  • Box of Progress is NOT YET WORKING. Opening them will not do anything. SAVE THEM FOR NOW.
  • Craftman's Box IS NOT YET WORKING. Opening them will not do anything. SAVE THEM FOR NOW.
  • Dragon Lord is not considered a boss type at this time. Abysmal Knight Card and Thara Frog will not work on it.

Please report any MvP bugs to Tempy on Discord..

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