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Grand ReOpening 2020

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We're happy to announce the grand re-opening of EssenceRO on March 7, 2020 at 8AM EST.  **You will not be able to log in until this time. 
The client is available for download here --> https://essencero.net/main/downloads/

While we are super excited for the opening, we want to brief everyone on the state of the server itself. 

This release is considered an Alpha release of EssenceRO.  We've made the decision to upgrade the core files of rAthena which brings more stability and functionality to the game.  But with that, it removed a lot of hard-coded custom updates that we had added in previously, so a lot of our customs need to be re-added in manually from our old server files.

Instead of delaying the release any further, the server is to be opened in an "Alpha" state.  We'll be re-importing eRO v3 into eRO v4 in small batches throughout the week (changelogs will be posted). 

As of right now we can't guarantee stability in things like NPC functionality, custom mobs, custom items, or eRO modifiers to existing elements of the game, but we can guarantee that you can level, and acquire items/zeny. 

We do want everyone to enjoy the game, so if something isn't working properly please let us know either in Bugs section of the forum.  Please avoid posting bugs in Discord as messages tend to get lost.  

With that said, let's have a fun weekend!  Enjoy the events and we're so happy to see you all again :)


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