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Working Changelog, Week of August 13, 2020

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Hi Friends! 

So sorry for my absence recently!  We got smacked with a tropical storm and I was without power for about a week -- Then you know, IRL job, family, gym schedule etc taking most of my attention.  A nice little break from the internet was definitely required for my massive migranes too! 

So as you already know, we're working on a more standard 99/70 server called CakeRO, but I promised to keep eRO up and bring back the customs we all fell in love with, so I'm going to be making some changes in next day or two. 

Here's what you can expect this week:

- Removal of MVP Token System
- Adjust Drop Rates for High-End Gears
- MVP's reverted to their original eRO Stats & Skills 
- MVP Cards Disabled in WoE (WHOA WHAT?! -- Yeah it's a thing)
- Autopot Removed (lolbye)
- Summer Event Ends

That's all for this week! ❤️ 

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