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A Little about our New Affiliate

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Hi Friends, 

As you should have seen at this point, we're going to be opening up an Affiliate server (more standardized mid-rate) that encompasses a lot of eRO customs, but scaled down to fit the mold of a more streamlined Mid-Rate server.  The post below explains why we've decided to move in that direction :)

A lot of you have approached me and asked if there would be anything ported over, transferred etc.  And yes, there definitely will be.  As of right now I've come up with the following 'eRO Player Transfer Package'

Each player that would like to hop on over to the 99/70 may request a "Transfer Package".  This will include: 
VIP Status (If your account on eRO currently has an "Unlimited VIP Package".
All unused Essence Donation Credits can be transferred over for Cash Points (1 EDC = 100 Cash Points)
Unlimited Fly Wings (Limit: 2 per account) can be transferred
Bonus: 5x Costume Tickets
Bonus: 1x VIP Costume Ticket

In addition to that, we will be offering:

  • Beta Tester rewards (Beta testing is opening in approximately 2 weeks -  Official Date TBD) include but are not limited to:
  • Guild Packages (Minimum of 8 players | Rewards TBD | Guild Cap is 18 Players in WoE (76 for social) - No Alliances)

With that said, please know we are NOT taking eRO down, but will slow down on the work being done.  As I mentioned in the post linked above, the demand for custom servers is seriously declining, so we will maintain eRO and update it as needed and features will be added alongside of the Affiliate in terms of hats, quests & events. 

To join us in the Affiliate Discord, please visit: https://discord.gg/dUDzAbt

I hope this clears up any questions people have! 

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