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eRO <3's Event GM's!

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Hi eRO Friends!  We would like to continue to add to our current Event GM staff!  We love bringing you daily gm-hosted events, and we need more people to help us do that! :)  
We are accepting applications from anyone who meets the criteria below.  If we have an over-abundance of applications, we will choose temporary GM's and allow them to run an event or two on a Trial Basis with a current staff member overseeing their event and to offer assistance if needed. 

Thanks everyone!  I look forward to seeing your applications!

Role Responsibilities: Host in-game events on a schedule at least 3x a week (to be published for all to see).  This person must be creative, energetic and helpful!  A prior position as an Event GM or moderator is a plus.  

How to Apply:
PM Me (Kiwi) here on the forum with your application:

InGame Name:
Discord Name: 
Have you ever been an Event GM Before? Yes / No ? 
If so, where and for how long?
How long have you been playing eRO?
What time zone are you in?
How many hours can you allocate to being an Event GM?
Would you be willing to offer in-game support if needed?
What types of events would you like to run?
Why do you think you're the best candidate for this position?


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