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Tempy (Phuc H Duong)

Old eRO Mob Restoration

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Hey Guys! GM Tempy here,

We're continuing our efforts to restore old eRO to its former glory! But also maintain a future full of new and exciting customs!

I got my hands on an old eRO 2015 mob, mvp, and item drop rate database. I've finally gotten around to restoring it and making it compatible with our server. Over the course of the next couple patches, I'll be absorbing that database into our own.

This will allow us to restore eRO to its true old eRO rates, rather than being a close approximate guess. It's also to fill in a lot of the gaps that we have in terms of monster drops (like Angeling not dropping Angeling Hat or Wakisashi not dropping Bloody Edge). 

However I also understand that we've moved beyond old ERO, and the player-base have grown accustomed to our new rates, even if they are just approximations of old eRO.

The current patch, Week of July 16 2020, saw the import of 33~ish mobs/minibosses/mvps from the 2015 eRO mob database being merged with out own.

So given this opportunity to restore eRO to its exact numbers and glory, this begs some design questions regarding the purity of eRO:

  1. How pure do we want to be with old eRO?
  2. Have we moved past old eRO?
  3. Are we okay with an easier version of eRO, maybe permenantly?

I think the real answer lies somewhere between full integration with old eRO and embracing our new eRO path. The main reason being, is that old eRO was not actively maintained in the later half of its life, and that old eRO might have been more grindy than what players have come to expect in 2020.

Mini Bosses were Harder:

Did you know? Mini bosses were buffed on old eRO. Mini Bosses being: Angeling, Ghostring, Devlring, Mermaid, Skoll Baby, Garm Baby, Bloody Knight, Abysmal Knight, Mutant Dragonoid and Hydro Lancer.

For example:

In the next few patches, we will see the mini bosses get buffed up to their original glory.

Old eRO was more grindy and hardcore:

Overall, a lot of our drop rates were pretty close, but in almost all cases new eRO had slightly higher rates than old eRO. You will see a couple percentage points drop in individual item drop rates in the next few patches.

For example Amon Ra will drop Volcano armor at 5% instead of 7.5% (current).

Deviations from old eRO: Strong Shield & Slotted Elemental Armors used to be a lot harder to get:

Now let's get to the parts of old eRO that we no longer agree with. This is where we will adopt a hybrid approach between old eRO and new eRO.

First, regarding Strong Shield on old eRO. Only three mobs used to drop Strong Shield, and at really low chance compared to what we have now.


Currently, Bloody Knight drops Strong Shield at 30%. So what should the drop rate be? 1% or 30%? I believe it lies somewhere in between. Since Strong Shield is a required item from an MVP progression perspective, it needs to be accessible to new players. However at 1% it's too low, and 30% is too high. Too high and it makes the item worthless in the market, and nobody would sell it.

So going forward, strong shield will drop in the following manner.

  • 10% from Bloody Knight (which is getting buffed for the above reason)
  • 15% from Orc Hero
  • 15% from Vesper

Secondly, is the subject of Slotted Elemental Armors. 

Did you know that only Amon Ra used to drop slotted fire armor? See here

Which means that our Ifrit dropping Fire Armor is not eRO canon. See old Ifrit's drop rates.

However iRO Ifrit does drop Fire Armor. However our Ifrit drops Fire Armor at 50%.

So in this situation we are going to again adopt a hybrid approach, going forward Ifrit will drop slotted Fire Armor at 15% , instead of 50%. Amon Ra will continue to drop fire armor but at 5% instead of 7%. Reason being is that on old eRO, Fire Armor was a valuable piece of armor, however because of the high drop rate, its now too common to be considered valuable. Its also an MVP progression piece, so it should not be so low as to make it inaccessible to new players.

Old eRO MVPs were WAY as strong:

Did you know that new eRO has nerfed MVPs compared to old eRO?

For example Ifrit used to have 37m HP instead of 15m HP.

It was decided early on in 2020, that we would not be following this aspect of eRO. Thus eRO has nerfed the MVPs so that they're still challenging to level 170 characters, but not tedious. In our iteration of eRO, not only do the MVP have nerfed HPs, but nerfed MDEF, DEF, Flee, INT, and VIT compared to old eRO.

Feedback is Welcome:

On Discord we have a #pvm-creation-discussion discord channel, if you see some of these changes might be strange then please report it. Especially if you believe that some the changes from old eRO no longer make sense in our modern iteration. The staff will evaluate it them and figure out what the best balance will be.

GM Tempy

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