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Unethical Behavior

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Hi Friends!

It's been brought to my attention, some unethical actions this morning with a member of our staff team.  The GM in question was investigated and found guilty of their actions, thus removed from the GM Team. 

While we caught this issue within an hour of it happening, I want to let the community know that I stand against injustice and unfair play regardless of how big or little the offense is.   We've worked too hard to build what we have today to have it jeopardized by something so silly. 

All of our logs are vetted, and any credible accusation against a member of my team is thoroughly investigated.  While it hurts me personally to remove someone from the team, it is within the best interest of the server that we do so.  Sometimes opportunities are too hard to pass up, and our judgement becomes clouded by impulse. 

To be clear, none of the staff aside from myself, Tempy and Kreustoo have @item, and none of us play on normal accounts (who has time to do that! :P

With that said, please give the person involved here some privacy as they do genuinely see the fault in their action, and understand the severity of the consequences.  They would like to be an active part of our community, and would like to do so with some dignity. 

❤️ Kiwi 

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