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Tempy (Phuc H Duong)

Skill / Class Changes Moving Forward

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Hey eRO! GM Tempy here,

When eRO was setup we had envisioned a haven among RO servers where you can play classes and builds that would be otherwise not be effective; and to bring about a server with a healthy amount of class diversity.

The last 4 months and 16 patches have seen a huge effort to balance out underplayed classes and to allow for more classes to have niches in various game modes such as PvM, WoE, BG, or MVP.

However all these class and skill changes come at a cost. The more customization that we add to skills, the more new players will be alienated when they enter our server. New players have to read through more class balance wiki changes and patch notes. At a certain point, the game ceases to behave like normal iRO classic, and a barrier to enter is setup for new players not wanting to relearn how to play RO when they join our server.

Today after evaluating the amount of customization to skills and the state of jobs in the player base, we feel that there is sufficient balance to allow for class diversity in the server.

Moving forward, the eRO staff will cease skill change considerations that deviate from:

  1. iRO classic
  2. old eRO
  3. Pre-existing changes present today on the server
  4. Broken skills that create unfair play

Thank you for playing eRO.
eRO GM Staff

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