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  1. Gamt

    Where do we go from here?

    If we want to retain what eRO is, we have to go with higher rates. If we go lower then everything what eRO is would have to change. Adding 3rd jobs would be good too cause if the 4th jobs are ever released that would be a way to attract more people.
  2. Gamt

    Potential New Server Stress Test & Bug Hunt!

    Count me in.
  3. Gamt

    December 22, 2017

    So as Massacre said how in the world are people going to farm zeny now? MvPs? What if im new? How im supposed to gear? What about people who work and doesn't have the time to spend on farming and now with this nerf would have less time to do it? And like he said don't come with stuff like "cause we said so", there must be a valid reason for you guys to do it or atlteast something close to a valid reason....
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