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    Okay. I was asked to give my opinion here, so here goes. Personally, I'm more in the Move to be a 99/70 server category. Here's why, along with some other things to consider involving game state towards that choice (feel free to skip to the end for a TL;DR summary if you don't want to read it all):
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    Dropping loot on the ground is a bad idea so default rAthena behavior is just the better option. Ultimately the MVP loot should go to the people that did the work of MVPing. The ero loot option allows for pvpers to come in last minute and essentially take what they didn't deserve. It also doesn't give a chance, time wise, for the MVPers to counter the PVPers if they did show up last minute to take the MVP. In short, rAthena system, benefits the MVPers as it should and as Rei stated above there already exists counter play so it isn't just a first come first serve system. No need to fix what ain't broken, ya?
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    Hey eRO! GM Tempy here, When eRO was setup we had envisioned a haven among RO servers where you can play classes and builds that would be otherwise not be effective; and to bring about a server with a healthy amount of class diversity. The last 4 months and 16 patches have seen a huge effort to balance out underplayed classes and to allow for more classes to have niches in various game modes such as PvM, WoE, BG, or MVP. However all these class and skill changes come at a cost. The more customization that we add to skills, the more new players will be alienated when they enter our server. New players have to read through more class balance wiki changes and patch notes. At a certain point, the game ceases to behave like normal iRO classic, and a barrier to enter is setup for new players not wanting to relearn how to play RO when they join our server. Today after evaluating the amount of customization to skills and the state of jobs in the player base, we feel that there is sufficient balance to allow for class diversity in the server. Moving forward, the eRO staff will cease skill change considerations that deviate from: iRO classic old eRO Pre-existing changes present today on the server Broken skills that create unfair play Thank you for playing eRO. Sincerely, eRO GM Staff
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    I appreciate everyone's feedback! Thank you all so much! There will be an announcement in the coming days pertaining to what the plan is moving forward. (We're not closing, don't worry )
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    I'm leaning towards option 1: MR 99/70 with less mvp/skill customizations, and slightly lower rates for player retention. Lower MVP/mini boss card drops would be needed too, there are way too many on essence currently even though we've only been up for 4 months. A potential issue is that many MRs (where I've played on) eventually devolved into woe servers where people don't really log on until it's woe time. Also I hope you keep the same server name.
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    I don’t have a solution, but I’ll provide some feedback from a new player. I joined about 2 weeks back, quite excited by Some of the features. From the discord activity, the game seemed lively at first. However I quickly found out that didn’t seem to be the case. Towns seemed empty with no atmosphere, I even had to ask where the popular hangout spots were as it didn’t seem to add up with the activity on discord. I traveled to these popular locations and yet still saw no liveliness. This feeling of emptiness further continues into the progression aspect of RO; leveling. Sure it’s easy, sure I can go to one map and max out, but that defeats the purpose of many player’s desire to play RO. The social aspect is crucial to the survivability of RO imo. I don’t think I noticed a single person looking for leveling parties. Aside from the social aspect being absent, it definitely didn’t help being over whelmed by large amounts of MVP cards being sold. It seemed like there was an abundance (even if that isn’t the case). The illusion is there, especially with a 0.5% drop rate. The question remains when I played and when I tried to invite people to play with me. How will we compete for MVPs that are difficult and with PVP enabled? We assumed that quite a bit of people are loaded with mvp cards which will substantially boost their advantage, making it a huge turnoff for us. I was willing to look past this to some extent, but my friends didn’t even entertain the idea. The last thing I can remember which is more of a nit picky thing I guess, is the thought that the developers of this server are lazy or incompetent. Though I know this isn’t the case at all, it lingered in my mind. As I visited the towns, i noticed floating signs above nonexistent npcs. Ok no big deal, it’s just a small detail left out. I notified the team, who promptly checked it out. The response was basically if there isn’t enough complaints it’ll be left there. I was kind of confused, ngl. Why are these obvious bugs still in the game? They make it look poorly developed. These small problems may seem small, but to me they are red flags, which will eventually add up. Now I understand this may be too small of an issue so you can definitely disregard this. This is to purely inform you of what I found problematic with the server. Hope all goes well, I definitely enjoyed essenceRO in the past but I was never a hardcore player. I wanted to be now, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.
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    I think the levels are fine for a midrate. The part where things veered off into questionable territory was when you started making things easier, like the BG shops letting people get MVP gear and the exp table being so damn easy. You're right that the original mindset of no one wanting to grind in 2020 was incorrect because everyone rushed and got their stuff and hardly logged in. I don't really know what the fix to this is, but I think we should keep the old eRO stuff as far as being custom and midrate. Even the levels are fine because it's something that was unique to eRO. Something like eRO doesn't shoot off immediately, no? Getting tons of recurring players may come with time and player recommendations. Once eRO gets into a really good spot where it's not buggy and not too easy then there will be a reason for people to keep playing. We can stay 170/90, but lower the EXP tables back to old eRO so there is actually a grind. When you max super easy it's pointless. I recall back in the day not having everything maxed and I'd join leveling parties. Remember the old abbey_03 leveling parties? That was a social thing. Lots of people got together for this, most hiding in that one safe corner while priests ME bombed the map. Of course this change feels odd when you think about most current players having everything maxed already. I don't have the solution to this. When everyone could max solo in hours no one got together to level together. It was like a one player game. Anyone could level solo but there was no REASON to make friends and have fun leveling together when you could just max at saplings in a couple hours. This might require a partial wipe. This might make some people unhappy, but it might be what's best in the long run to keep people engaged with the game.
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    Thanks for expressing your opinions everyone. The poll end date has now passed, and the poll is now closed. The staff decision is to keep the default rAthena loot behavior, which is the current behavior. (Loot teleports into highest DPSer's inventory, regardless of where they are on the map when the MVP dies.) I know this will be heartbreaking for those of you who were in favor of MVP loot proximity. I would also like to note that eRO is going through a bit of an identity crisis. You can read more about it in the forum post linked below. As some of you may know, our server population has been in decay for the past few weeks, even though we are still the top ranked mid-rate server on ratemyserver. Our custom mechanics are scaring away new players, and we fail to retain them when they join our server. As such I think going back to MVP loot proximity of old eRO is one of those server customs that may add to our list of newbie non-friendly custom mechanic. Imagine someone with a long history of RO, having known what @autoloot does for more than a decade from dozens of servers; to have it all of a suddenly behave differently on our server.
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    Hi Friends! It's been brought to my attention, some unethical actions this morning with a member of our staff team. The GM in question was investigated and found guilty of their actions, thus removed from the GM Team. While we caught this issue within an hour of it happening, I want to let the community know that I stand against injustice and unfair play regardless of how big or little the offense is. We've worked too hard to build what we have today to have it jeopardized by something so silly. All of our logs are vetted, and any credible accusation against a member of my team is thoroughly investigated. While it hurts me personally to remove someone from the team, it is within the best interest of the server that we do so. Sometimes opportunities are too hard to pass up, and our judgement becomes clouded by impulse. To be clear, none of the staff aside from myself, Tempy and Kreustoo have @item, and none of us play on normal accounts (who has time to do that! ) With that said, please give the person involved here some privacy as they do genuinely see the fault in their action, and understand the severity of the consequences. They would like to be an active part of our community, and would like to do so with some dignity. ❤️ Kiwi
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